Sapphires, the rutilant negligee,
The abode wore with pulchritude,
Radiance of the monarch luscious,
The tenebrous empyrean reigned, adorned.

The Garth of comfort, virescent,
A moat of wealth undulated,
Near the fringe, sturdy and rude,
A rose crimson, never rose to breath.

Mirthless visage, a realm of brutality,
A lass of greed, wiggled in elation,
Lachrymose shrieked, shuddered in frown,
The soles, rutilant, shimmered in sight.

The leverage, festering swiftly,
Knelt as a skull, docile, in Golgotha.
Apocalypse, frenetic, molded a laughter,
Engraved the life luscious, a curfew.

-Osanda Janandith Thenuwara-


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